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1992 Black Tobiano Stallion
APHA# 220760

"Scooter" arrived at LCR as a yearling, severely crippled by Epythisits 
and founder. It seemed we were the end of the line for this beautiful Black & 
white Paint colt with the big dewey eyes.

Our motto "You don't have to be perfect to live here" and the "No kill" 
rule we live by, has proven to be the perfect haven for him.
"Scooter" is an own son of Spooky Do, (homozygous) out of Reed's Love 
Bird, a Bolo Dee Reed line. He has won the hearts of all who know and
 handle him.  We figured "if he could just earn his keep, we'd be happy." 

This pretty headed guy has not only has he done that, he has out 
produced himself over & over, and bred more mares them our 
other two stallions.  He has stamped out 100% color from Paints, 
Pinto's, Quarters, Arabs, a Morgan, registered mares to unregistered 
"pets" and 4-H project mares. All but 2 are black and white.

"Scooter" passes his beautiful head & wonderful disposition to his foals, 
and has normally produced a 50/50 color pattern and dark eyes.

Obviously he could never be shown, so there are no awards to brag about, 
but he himself is our own "Blue Ribbon," We won! He won!  We can't say 
enough about this Stallion who was almost put down. He has done more 
then we dreamed posable. He has lived to improve the foals of the mares 
he's covered, given the foal owner precious foals at a very reasonable price. 

Some of his foals are now under saddle, and happy owners are raving about 
their attitude and willingness, how simple they are to brake & quoting one owner,
 "my colt was born broke."    Owner Jim, loves a challenge and this was it.  

Scooter will never be a saddle horse, but he is a joy to own and 
Handle.  He is our "teaser," our project, our breeding Stallion & 
"watch dog," alerting us to any one who enters the property, but 
mainly letting them know where to bring the hand outs. 

If you are looking to breed for disposition and brains, Consider Scooter! 
He's a "Diamond in the rough" and is doing his job, and doing it well.

Breeding at Private Treaty. Consideration to 4-H and show homes.
"Always a LFG"


For More Information Please Contact Us.

(760) 949-1970